Fan Clutch Evening Bag

I try very hard to avoid all challenges because of time (lack of it) but sometimes a girls gotta give! So I've taken part in the #emkiesmysterybagchallenge this month. I went for challenge #1, because I don't have the time right now to produce a tutorial or pattern, so I winged as I went!

This is my Fan clutch, which love it or hate it meets the criteria!

I had to choose at least three items from the list to use. I tried not to use the most obvious. Although its a clutch, I've added the option of a shoulder, or clutch strap.

The exterior of the bag is a soft faux leather in gold. The lining is mermaid fabric with a little slip pocket. Its functional but not terribly practical. I'm afraid thats just how it goes! The two sides of the bag are separate.

There is boning to hold the bag rigid horizontally. I sewed a channel through the lining front and back to hold the boning. This stops any sagging.

The bag was constructed as a rectangular pouch and a double ended zip was inserted. The bag was then sewn down the middle (avoiding the boned area) and folded.

I used rivets in construction to hold the folds together, but also just to bling it up on the outside.

I used a gate ring, which you can remove, or keep attached to add either the clutch strap or a shoulder strap. This centre piece was eased over the sides of the bag. It sits centrally.

And then I added a custom removable chain/charm bracelet with charms and beads. This can be hung off a zip pull or from the gate ring. I had to dig out the old jewellery making box for this. Doesn't come out often :)

These are the items I used from the challenge list.

I'm not sure if I can count the tiny little lobster clasp on my charm bracelet, however I've used at least 5 out of the 10.

#emkiesmysterybagchallenget #bagnineer #challenge #competition #fanbag #fanclutch #fauxleather #mermaids #charmbracelet

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