On the Move Day Bag - Pattern Release and Tester Bags

Todays the day!

NEW PATTERN RELEASE!! 33% off for the first 48 hours. (3GBP changing to 4.50GBP)

I will be releasing my new (well, my only) digital bag pattern on Monday 26th June 2017. It will remain on sale until noon (GMT) Wednesday 28th June.

Where to purchase: Craftsy Shop: https://www.craftsy.com/sewing/patterns/on-the-move-day-bag-crossbody-with-bottle-pockets/498434 Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/537695561/pdf-pattern-download-on-the-move-day-bag

Please join the facebook group after purchase if you wish to add your photos/require assistance and so on. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1478003342270256

This is my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/shewearsredfeathers/

and my website is www.shewearsredfeathers.co.uk (my blog is located here)

I had a most amazing group of testers from around the globe to help me out with my On the Move Day Bag. They ranged from beginner to advanced, but agreed that this pattern should be pitched at the intermediate bagineer.

The team produced a wide range of loveliness in various fabrics, and helped me improve my pattern considerably. I can't thank them enough.

First off was Christine Davis



Christine is the fastest bagineer in the west. I knew this already, but it still astonishes me how quickly she powers through a pattern! Apparently the photographs were useful as she tends to ignore instructions ;)

Christine decided she wanted to make a more masculine version of the bag, and used upholstery grade faux leather and embellished it with with kraft tex for stripe accents. She used home decor weight cotton canvas on the inside. 2mm headliner (as stabiliser) on the main bag with g700 vilene woven interfacing ( or something similar) on all lining parts.

She did the pockets with drawstring pulls (and has kindly provided a tutorial for doing so which I will post separately)

She used chicago screws through the ends of the zip to attach them to the strap connectors.

This is the stunning result:

Christine Davies - leather and kraftex exterior

Sweet Caroline

For Carolines day bag, she used this delightful Tula Pink fabric, Pellon fusible Midweight Interfacing style 931TD, Aurifil thread, and her zippers and hardware came from byannie.com.

This is a stunning bag don't you think? I love that contastic fabric in the base of the lining.

Susan Williams

Susan used quilting cotton, which she laminated with Pellon 875 Lamifix. I think it looks incredible. For the interior she used ripstop nylon. The key fob is made with laminated cotton from Ikea. She used Sulky variegated thread on the interior.

I love the fabric she chose and I wish I could get some of that pellon lamifix ( I don't rate the vilene version very highly) It looks so professional.

Susans work-in-progress website is www.bmorestitched.com, and she also has an instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/bmorestitched

Shubha Mohan

Shubha used cotton fabric for both exterior and lining and used canvas for stiffness. I love this beautiful fabric and that pop of pink when you open the bag!

Please go and visit her facebook page www.facebook.com/ShubhaCraftyCorner - she makes the most wonderful creations (not just bags!)

Dawn McGregor

Dawn is an inexperienced stitcher, although you wouldn't know by looking at this creation. She found the amount of pieces a bit overwhelming which is why I did not pitch this bag at a beginner. There are labels for all pieces to assist when cutting.

I think this bag is fantastic. I love that the accent colours of the strap, the zip and the lining pick out the colours of the elephants. A fabulous job.

Vanessa Martin

Vanessa mentioned that she wished she had drawn all the measurements onto card to make it quicker to make a 2nd one , and that it did take a lot of time to measure it all out. In a future version, I may well introduce pattern pieces.

She used ripstop for the exterior fabric and a new shower curtain for the lining. Yep. You can use a shower curtain!

Fusible fleece on the ripstop and medium non woven interfacing on the shower curtain. (she did state that if she made it again she would have used headliner.

Vanessa has a FB page https://www.facebook.com/CowslipCreations/ where she shares her makes.

I absolutely love this floral ripstop. Its so very pretty. I think she did a beautiful version.

Bernice Grimble

Check out Bernices stunning version of the bag in mixed fabrics! Thats a faux leather on the outside with lovely stripey heavyweight cotton fabric on the pockets and lining. This to me shouts 'SUMMER!!' I love the way the gusset looks with the stripes and the central red zip that matches the faux leather.

Allison Burnette

Allison used quilting cotton for the exterior and ripstop for the lining. She used Pellon FlexFoam and Pellon SF101.

This is the most vibrant and summery of bags. I love the colours used and the mesh works really well here. How neat are those matching front pockets too - perfectly matching! Beach ready or what?!

You can find Allisons instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/floridagirlathome/

Sandie Larsen

Harry Potter fans step this way. The most amazing bag from Sandie is the most spectacular homage to Gryffindor. She also used mesh to great effect and it must be like the sun comes out when you open the zip!

She used a quilting cotton with SF 101 and S&S for the outside pieces. The front pockets have scraps of fusible fleecein them. Inside is rip stop nylon. She didn't use any interfacing except for the credit card pockets.

Sandie could only find poly webbing for the strap, so she covered one side with fabric (lined with SF 101). which is a great idea.

Emma-Jane Harrison

E-J has always been a fan of elephants so it was no surprise for me when she decided upon this fabric. This bag was made as I originally intended - ripstop nylon both outside and in, with a cotton webbing strap. She used mesh for the bottle pockets and I like the fact that she used the external fabrics on the inside for the slip and card pockets, to provide some contrast. Its also a bit easier to find things when you do it that way. No it didn't occur to me. Doh!

Susan Hewitt

Susans professional looking number was made with3000 denier Cordura for the exterior and SuperDry for the lining. No interfacing or stabilizer except for shapeflex on the card slots.

This is a super-smart and practical looking bag.

Fiona Clark

Fiona used ripstop to make this fab cami bag, which I'm sure my hubby wouldn't mind carrying! She omitted the side pockets, just as I did with my Lite version. This is a great looking bag. I think she's even had an order already :)

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