On the Move Day Bag - the original version.

Last summer, I made a few bags that I designed myself. Mostly, designing them consisted of a scribbled sketch, a lot of measurements, and trial and error on my part. I decided that I should probably get at least one of them down on paper. Then I realised how hard it is to actually write a pattern.

This was the original bag. I'm still using it. It now looks very grubby but it does what I need it to do! It has also had a few tweaks but its essentially the same. I currently have a team of testers beavering away, telling me where I've gone wrong and what needs changing. Everyone said I needed elasticated pockets, so I've done that. I've also added the option for mesh pockets. Measurements have been refined and options for different fabrics added.

#onthemovedaybag #pdfpatterns #bagineer

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