On the Move Day Bag - the original version.

Last summer, I made a few bags that I designed myself. Mostly, designing them consisted of a scribbled sketch, a lot of measurements, and trial and error on my part. I decided that I should probably get at least one of them down on paper. Then I realised how hard it is to actually write a pattern.

This was the original bag. I'm still using it. It now looks very grubby but it does what I need it to do! It has also had a few tweaks but its essentially the same. I currently have a team of testers beavering away, telling me where I've gone wrong and what needs changing. Everyone said I needed elasticated pockets, so I've done that. I've also added the option for mesh pockets. Measurements have been refined and options for different fabrics added.

Original On the Move Day Bag

#onthemovedaybag #pdfpatterns #bagineer

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